Manufacturers of metal structures for power lines

More than 25 years being leaders in the sector

Since 1994 betting on the satisfaction of our customers.

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electrical energy distribution solutions

Manufacturers of metal structures for power lines

Postes Mayan has been dedicated to providing technical and constructive solutions to the electricity distribution sector for more than 25 years.

Since our beginnings we have opted for a strict quality policy in our products, as well as a serious commitment to improve day after day, which makes our company one of the most dynamic and committed in this sector.

More than 25 years in the sector

Malaga lighting tower manufacturers

Our products

We are manufacturers and distributors for companies and industries of electrical material, public administrations, promoters and engineering studies.

Low and medium voltage metallic supports

Towers of

Lighting towers for sports courts, ports, circuits...

Columns for

Structures for

Wooden poles
treated (Quality III)

manufacturers lighting columns malaga

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